Jessie's Journey to Glow!

Jessie • I`m a 31 year old birth photographer from Asheville, NC. I married the love if my life on Sept 14, 2014. We are TTC

First off, I just found glow today and I am soooo happy! I feel like I've finally found the community I've been needing. 

​As I sit here, I feel like crying. But I don't want to because I don't want my husband to know just how discouraged and depressed I really am. We have been TTC for 2 years (almost). We started in December of 2012. Though we took a few month off from truly tracking and trying while we were planning our wedding (married sept 14!), but we didn't actually prevent it either. In this time, I have watched countless numbers of friends and family members get pregnant. And whereas I am completely excited for them, of course, it breaks my heart a little more each time there's an announcement. 
​I felt like it was a sign that ovulation landed during the honeymoon last month and I was so excited! 
AF was 4 days late last week and I was having all sorts of symptoms. I was positive I would be seeing a BFP when I took a test this past Saturday....I even forced myself to wait until I was several days late so I would have a better chance of seeing those lines. But nope. AF came Saturday and there was no need for a test. 
​I'm trying so hard to keep my faith. But it's slipping. 
​I think I will find lots of encouragement and friends in this community! I look forward to getting to know all of you! ❤️??