Ugh, feeling awful!!! Update-ish!

Nira • Wifey.Mommy.Happy
The past few days I have just been feeling terrible. 
​My throat hurts
​I'm nauseous 
​My nose is stuffed
​And now I have cramps and my boobs hurt!!!! 
​I did get a positive OPK today, I think?? But I also got a positive on the 7th?!?  So who knows, I did spot a bit this month and last, which is better than nothing since I haven't had a normal AF since April, but had a 2 day af in May and June. So complicated. 
​I got to the doctor next Wednesday to start testing and figuring out what's wrong. Stressful!!!!
​Here's my sept and oct calendar, just for fun.  My husband has been at training and such so much and I've been feeling so miserable that we have hardly got to bd, I'm worried I'll miss it this month bc he just had prk surgery and probably won't be up for bd'ing until next week or so :(