Where are your older child/ren going when your in labour??

Just • 2 girls & baby girl no3 on her way 😘
My daughter will be 4 when this baby is born but she is EXTREMLY clingy and won't stay anywhere without me for more than an hour max. At nursery she is fine from 9am till 4pm but knowing my luck I'll go into labour on a weekend. I really don't know what I'm gonna do about my daughter and where she can or will go when I have baby #2. I'm gonna ask my MIL to have her (to stop her from wanting to come as well so two birds one stone kind of thing) but she not gonna stay with her long at all. I don't want her around when baby born either i personally don't think it's somthing a child should see. I just know I'm not gonna be able to relax and concentrate on labour if I know my baby at home is unhappy. 
​Anyone else in same predicament? What you all suggest I do.