Dear anonymous.

I really need to let all this off my chest, and quite frankly I refuse to do it to your face because whenever I see you now, you are with your son and although he is less than a year old, he doesn't need to hear it.

Me and my OH put you up, we let you stay with us, use our electric and water, we fed you and made sure you were comfortable. I did all the washing up because my OH has been working long and late shifts, and you couldn't do it properly. We ended up with dirty dishes in our cupboards when you did it!

Me and my OH did most of the cooking, because you always did something else and burnt it 90% of the time. We ended up with burnt food in the bottom of our oven.

I did your clothes washing, because you kept putting the liquid and powder in the wrong sections, and after hearing the story of how you broke your washing machine and nearly flooded your kitchen I was terrified to let you anywhere near ours!

And how do you pay us back? By not even saying thank you. By not even acknowledging all we did for you. By blocking our toilet, THE SAME DAY YOU LEFT, leaving us to get drain unblocker. By not giving us the money you said you would, knowing that we needed it for electric and food! And by ignoring us since late last night.

I am fed up of you! I am fed up of your wife, who always has something to bitch about - Usually your mother! And I am fed up of having to be nice to you! I have done my best, I have stayed civil, for the sake of my OH. But he's had enough of you too now.

Quite honestly, I would love to punch you in the face!!!

(Sorry for the long post, but I just couldn't keep it in any more)