Forced abortion

I was trafficked from the time I was 6 till the time I was 17 by my parents- durring that time I became pregnant (I would have been around 14 then). My parents forced me to have an abortion by use of formaldehyde... I am 27 now, and though I have healed significantly, I still am deeply mourning the loss of my little one. I was pretty far along. 
I'm sharing all of this because I've really been struggling lately. I'm simply asking for encouragement- not advice, but really just a, your going to get through this kind of thing. Jesus has been so faithful to heal me of so much, but I feel like I'm sinking a little here. 
Obviously, as I am sharing this anonymously, and as I just stated- I'm still very sensitive about this and ask that if you find that you are unable to be kind or understanding that you do not comment at all. 
I had no choice- literally. I was tied down… I fought hard… I fought hard to protect my baby, so please, no attacks.