Possible Caesarean.. Advice & Encouragement Needed

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At 39 weeks and 2 days my daughter is weighing around 8 lbs 14 oz. At my appointment today my doctor informed me that she thinks my pelvis is too small for my daughter to be vaginally delivered and is concerned about her getting stuck and having permanent nerve damage as a result. She recommended I get a scheduled C Section and within the next few days. At first I was totally for it and still am however up until now I had wanted to deliver naturally. 
I still plan on scheduling one as I'll do whatever my doctor feels is the safest way for my daughter. But I can't help but feel a little down? I'm worried about it being a little less personal and intimate. Not to mention the nervousness of surgery when I've never even been to a hospital. 
I was hoping to find some moms that have been through this and what your experiences were like. I'm just so, so nervous?