Who's secret is it anyway?

so our plan is to tell close family on my husbands birthday not 14th which is 9 days after our first u/s I'll be around11 weeks and tell friends after 12 week scan and everything is clear. Well that's getting harder and harder and not because we can't keep a secret but because my husbands noisy "best"friend won't stop badgering him. Honestly didn't know guys cared that much about stuff like that. But it's really annoying me. I mean this is supposed to be a fun exciting secret between me and my husband and I find my self not enjoying it as much as I would like. It's really bothering me because obviously if my husband isn't telling him there is a reason (my hubby just keeps denying I'm pregnant) but his friend won't stop. To add to it My sister in law announced early this past summer and lost the baby and it was very hard on her to explain that to everyone, she so happens to be very close to this same friend that is bugging my husband so he should absolutely understand why people don't always announce right away right? I mean I have to right to tell when I'm ready, right? I haven't even had an ultrasound yet....what gives him the right to know before we tell our parents! It's our secret not his! ugh he has really gotten under my skin!Is it bad I want to make him feel bad??!??!! Ok vent over....thanks all