Tww af due the 19th need done help/advice

Alright I ovulated on the 4th of November and I had for a BFP on my OPK that day!!! I bd two times on the 3rd, two times on the day of ovulation with preseed, two times the day after ovulation and regular bd after that every other day with preseed. Around 2 days after dpo my nipples hurt so bad for three days then went away. Since 5dpo my Lowe back has had a dull ache to it that will not go away and it feels like that around my pelvic/hip area also, it's a weird hard to explain feeling. Crazy heartburn, a couple dizzy spells. And dark blue veins on my nipples. AF is due November 19th I don't like to get my hopes up but this is the first month that my back has ached this much along with pelvic twinges