I am very scared of birthing process

Yanika • Mom of the best boy in the universe:)
I scared to death of everything about the baby delivery and birthing process., i am 24 weeks., I just read lots of forums and talked to some friends., plus few videos on the YouTube and I am scared like chiken...
​I have no idea how I am gonna go through this., I know that every woman who want to have kids should be able to do this, but I am so afraid of the pain., I am that person who is crying after moskito bite... I am terrified., I have some minds that in the very important moment I am just gonna faint or die...  I tried reading books like Ina May about the natural way of baby birth etc... I tried to focus myself that nowadays people can use epidural anesthesia etc but even this sounds scary to me. How can I prepare myself mentally that everything will be okay?  We just moved to the new city, I don't have my friends, or parents or relatives around, moreover my family is from abroad., English is my second language. My hubby is working 24/7 and I feel so lonely. Help me please with advice.