Advice please! Im about to be in a space-situation and I don't know what kind of sleeping arrangements to provide for baby!

Myria • I'm 25 and I'm pregnant with my/ our first! My husband and I are so grateful for this blessing!
I'm expecting my first baby about 6 months prior to a cross-country move. That being said - I don't want to purchase any nursery stuff until we arrive at our new home, unless I have to. My husband and I live in a two story, one bedroom townhome- bedroom and bathroom are upstairs, living area and kitchen below. I mention that because we don't have a lot of space and I would need to take the sleeping gear up stairs with me at night (probably- depending on several factors). I originally thought a bassinet would be good but I read that those are meant for up to 2-3 months. I also am concerned about introducing a large crib to a baby older than the "introductory age of 3-6 months." I also just realized...changing table...duh. Should I just go for it and get that or are there alternatives? If you have any advice on sleeping gear or any experiences with anything similar to my situation, PLEASE share!!! Thank you in advance!!