Need to vent

Im so tired. I am 24 years old and have been ttc for 11 months. Im overweight and diagnosed with pcos. My periods are crazy. I had to take provera or prometrium to get started, then with help of femara i got my period for 3 months!!! Last month i didnt get my my hopes up cycle day 35 came and my doctor said time for another round of prometrium. Did this, got my period, another round of femara and now i am on CD 32, tests negative and my heart breaks.
My SO was diagnosed with low morphology. I had to see a fertility doctor who said my chances of pregnancy were low if i did not use  medicine.
So many times i think well that just means i am not meant to be a mom. This kills me. I have been nauseous for a week now and i hoped that this when a combo of no period would mean baby! But negative again. My heart and spirit is broken. I know im young and i have time but i had an abnormal pap smear and my doctor wants to do a leep procedure which will cause more fertility problems. 
I dont know what to do