Hi all, I'm absolutely desperate for some insight or advice before I spiral into a breakdown. 5 years ago I was blessed with a darling daughter delivered via c section. In the past 7 months we've tried again and unfortunately ended in a miscarriage which devastated us. We stayed strong and tried again for 5 months then success!! When we had the ultrasound and the dates didn't match. They told us we we're only 5 weeks not 8 unless the bub stopped developing. We waited another 2 weeks and had another ultrasound. She's told us the uterus and sack is at the 8 week stage but bubs is only 5 and 3 days. It's not developing right... WTF? And she also added I have PCOS. I have to wait another 4 days to see doc but an going INSANE trying to comprehend the situation. If anyone out there can give advice I'm all ears. TIA