Bump on my cervix?

Ayla • Ayla. 20
For the past month I've been having cramps and feeling uncomfortable down there. Recently I woke up early in the morning to pee and I suddenly got this extremely painful cramp. I walked back, hunched over and by the time I reached the bed I couldn't lie down because I was in so much pain in my hips and stomach. Eventually it faded away and I went back to sleep. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I have the IUD, for about a year so I didn't think it was that. So later that day I checked my cervix and felt a painful bump on the opening and it seemed to be a long bump? My cervix is a little tricky to feel because it leans to the left and that was the side the bump is on. It's been a few days of more cramping but I haven't had pain like that since and I can still feel the bump though it doesn't hurt anymore.