Mirena nightmare.


My first Mirena was awesome. I loved it. No pain during removal at all. My second one however was insane. I'd had it 3 and a half years and went to have it removed Thursday morning. She yanked on it twice, it felt like she was trying to rip my entire uterus out. By that point I was cramping and bleeding. They sent me over to the hospital to have an ultrasound to make sure it hadn't perforated and then over to an OB there to see what we had to do. If they couldn't get it out the usual way they were going to do a cervical block, dilate my cervix, and try to get it. Worst case scenario they would surgically remove it. Finally the OB got me back, said the ultrasound looked good, went to take a look, and yanked real hard. Ooooh my. It came out that time.....I also passed out.

Now that I'm over that nightmare finally and I've started my first official period today I guess we can move on to TTC.