7w5d spotting


Hi everyone!

I am 7w 5 d and have occasionally had some pink spotting when I wipe after using the bathroom. I had a miscarriage this year in march so I am always on edge. My Dr was following my betas but when they hit 2711 (5 w 3d) she didn't have me keep going, I also have already had an ultrasound at 6w and was able to see the little heartbeat beating away. 

Has anyone experienced this? Its not red or brown but a light pink, sometimes you really have to look to see it and other times its very noticeable. I've had it a couple times now, it seems to go always almost as quickly as it shows up. no cramps or anything with it but its terrifying. I'm still experiencing fatigue, breast tenderness and intermittent nausea...anyone have any experiences with this? Thanks!