Home Birth: would you ever?

Emily • Momma of 2 sweet boys💙, married my love😍, and carrying my rainbow baby🌈
I am a firm believer that pregnancy & birth are two of the most wonderful experiences in life. 
I planned to have my first baby at home, but my labor wasn't progressing (after 21 hrs dilated to only 2cm, contractions 30s apart) and I needed a break. My midwife suggested an alternate route; I opted to go to the hospital where I got an epidural, a chance to recover and continue with a vaginal delivery. 
Even though my birth plan changed I was still very pleased with the outcome. I am planning, with my current pregnancy, to do a home birth again. This time around I am much more prepared and at least know what to expect. 
I know home birth isn't for many, but I am curious to see how many women actually know about it and don't view it as a negative, midevil thing. 

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