How to let home go

I was in a relationship for 5 years with a guy. He was amazing other then putting hisself before me 99% of the time. His mother was a complete psycho and hated me for literally no reason. I would walk in her house and she would get up and go to her room without saying a word to me and stay there until I left.I never went to one holiday celebration or family event. I eventually broke up with him because I couldn't handle the long weeks/weekends doing only what he wanted which was playing softball 24/7 (literally) our relationship revolved around the field, and I couldn't handle his mother treating me the way she did anymore and him allowing her after 5 years. I was single for a year before I met my fiancé and my ex mother passed away a year after we were broken up. We dated for 2 years before we got engaged. I love my fiancé more then words can describe and I know he's the one I should be with and he treats me like every girl hopes to be treated and he truly and deeply loves me, but I still think about my ex who still keeps in contact with my mom often and me on rare occasions. How do I let him go and stop thinking about the past and the what if?