Has B6 messed up anyone's cycle ?

Anyone have any change in cycle after taking B6 ? My cycle after stopping breastfeeding almost a year ago has been an average of 26 days and a length of 6 days.  Well I started taking B6 the day my cycle started on November 5, which was actually 2 days early. On day 6 I had light bleeding/spotting that continued to take 11, I called my clinic and the nurse said I needed to be seen asap. So I went in that afternoon and the doctor was like oh well that's your cycle this month, didn't run any tests.  So that was 3 days ago and yesterday I actually had no spotting anymore.  I woke up this morning with full on bleeding again.  I'm still taking the B6. My sister thought I had a miscarriage but I did take a pregnancy test the morning my period showed up and it was obviously negative. I'm nervous something is wrong or could it be that the B6 just really messed me up.  Has anyone has this, and I'd so how long after stopping it did the cycle get back to normal ?