Antibiotics in the 2ww

Ayla • Turning 21 & hopeful I will not be able to drink(; I married my high school sweetheart.
I have bronchitis or something worse. I'm about to head out to the ER and get help. I have tried to fight going, but I have asthma and the congestion is getting pretty serious. I can't even lay on my back or I can't breathe at all. I wanted to avoid medication during the 2ww because I have had 3 miscarriages and fear that I will take something that will cause another. I lost a pregnancy from medicine before, and one was because of an abusive ex and the other I'm not sure. I guess it wasn't time. So since the doctors told me my 2nd MC was from medicine I wasn't suppose to take(more than likely) I am so scared to take something else during the 2ww. But I have got to get medicine. Should I tell the er I am TTC or will they even care right now? What's safe and what's not??