Compulsive lying

I have a friend who I have known for almost eight years. Ever since we were in high school she would tell fibs here and there for the attention. It got worse when she moved. My senior year of highschool she went so far as to tell us she was pregnant and being forced by her doctor to have an abortion because of a severe birth defect. She even made us feel her stomache to feel the baby "kick". Which she literally just puffed it out quickly. Anyways my SO and I are expecting out first child and I announced the news to everyone. Now my dear friend only talks about how she was 6 months pregnant, her symptoms, and how she miscarried. (notice the story changes )   I haven't called her out but I also don't give her the sympathy she is seeking. I feel that it's disrespectful to fake something so awful for attention when women are actually suffering from the real thing.