Early pregnancy or PMS?

Kristal • First baby
I have been tracking my cycles every month and know it very well. Only, this time it's different. I started cramping 4 days before my expected period and my cramps have been different because they are at different times and intensities in the day. My cramping for never got to be more than mild the other times. I have creamy/watery cervical mucus. Of course my breasts are sore and heavier. I feel like I NEED air more than before. I get light headed almost every time I stand up really fast from sitting down. And the cramping is mostly on my left side. (I have a uterus didelphys, double uterus -each having its' own fallopian tube and ovary. I am a rare case. Also, does anyone know if a woman with two uteruses have a period while being pregnant since I have two uteruses? Thank you ahead of time for your kind input.