i don't want this to be wrong.

my ex boyfriends mother died from cancer a couple days ago. hes still a family friend and we all still love him. i am heartbroken and greiving with him and being with him for every step of the way. he comes over to hang out to get his mind off of the tragedy and i comfort him and make sure he's holding up okay whenever he's with me. i just want to be there for him. we're both in new relationships now but I am worried my boyfriend is going to take this the wrong way. he doesn't know about this. and since we've gotten in a dispute before this all happened we have yet to speak to each other. but honestly, I don't care about that right now. there are no feelings involed with my ex and i, all im trying to do is be there for a friend. he's hurting and it's hurting me seeing him like this. is that so wrong?