Teen Relationships

Chelsea • Chelsea •16• Dominic 11.6.12<3;*
I don't understand why a female is stupid enough to stay with her boyfriend after he repeatedly hits her. I understand you love the guy , you've been together for over a year & so, but that's not okay. Abuse isn't worth sticking around & holding it down for him. You see there's a difference between me & some other females who decide to stay. If my man was to ever put his hands on him he know damn well his ass will get a beating from me & a skillet in the fucking face. Don't fuck with Dominican girls , we don't play. I'm no joke but my man respects me & has never physically, verbally or mentally abused me. I just pray for the girls & women who do get abused. That's nothing to play with. I hope no one ever has to go through that some are lucky than others that they don't go through it. I just wish I could help the women who need it most. I like making a difference in the world .