Rock solid boobs

Erica • Love my life!
I'm two and half weeks in. Breastfeeding has been a nightmare because I feel like my little man is ob my boobs every hour instead of two. He does have any medical problems nor under weight he just loves his boobs. So my breast have been producing so much milk that they hurt horribly. I started pumping yesterday to relive my breast and see how much he is actually drinking. So I fed him like normal on each breast for thirty minutes then put him to bed then pumped two ounces then he woke up   Hungery again so I had my hubby feed him then he wanted more so I latched him on for another thirty to fourty minutes  . I'm pretty sure he is taking in about four to five onces and he is two weeks. Is that normal? Even tho all of the feeding my boobs still kill is there any way to relax them ? I need help I'm loosing my mind these days