Horrible cramping when period isn't even due!!???!?TMI

Brittany • 20....married since 7.16.14. TTC #1.
Hi ladies. I'm 20 DH is 25. We have been TTC for 9 months. My period is due January 5, 2015. According to glow, i ovulated (unconfirmed) on Sunday, December 21. Today I am considered to be 5dpo. Yesterday I had bad cramping at night time. Today I was fine until 3-4 hours ago, I started cramping bad. I never experienced cramping like this, even when I'm on AF. I'm confused. I hurt more when I move. The pain is crazy. Is this a good sign? Should I test now?? Please help. Oh and I have had to use the bathroom (#2) often and it's not diarrhea. Sorry tmi. And I have been gassy, but it hurts to push.