Pre seed

Samantha • 24• Want a big family• Newlywed ❤️
Okay ladies. I am CD 2 with AF and it will normally last 5 days so- by CD5 I should be gearing up for OV! Really hoping for my BFP this month! Trying to stay positive- my OBGYN has me on prenatals and pregnitude to help me ovulate as I am having trouble and still going threw testing- I don't have PCOS but still need to do the "dye test' to check the tubes.. ? they are good- anyways I need some help.. Some of the ladies on here told me about pre seed as my body never makes a lot of EWCM.. So I went out and got it today- I am stocked up on OV kits as well.. My question is when do I start using the pre seed? And what exactly is it going to do to my CM.. Anyone have success with this as I always monitor my CM and never seem to have much or any EWCM. Thanks in advance ❤️