My period.

So I was supposed to start the 4th of December. I spotted a brownish pink when I wiped on the 1st then nothing on my underwear for a day or two. On the 3rd or 4th I had brown spots. This lasted two days. Waited for a period for over a week and nothing not even spotting. I had red flags everywhere the only symptoms I didn't have were breast tenderness. (I threw up thanksgiving day, mind you I am diabetic and just started my new life on an insulin pump the day before so that was most likely the issue). Took a test on the 10th negative cvs brand. Then another the 14th blue digital negative. Started my period the 22nd. It's been nothing but brown with slight red. Chunks of slimy skin come out of me when I am in the shower and when I use the bathroom. These are definitely not clots they are smaller and feel weird...I know ew but I've only touched them in the shower since as I was cleaning myself I felt it and it freaked me out at first. Painful nauseating cramps on the 4th day but the amount hasn't gotten heavier nor has the color changed. I know I'm not pregnant but could it be just a late period freaking my body out?