Anxiety or not?

So for about a year now I started having these weird symptoms. Now I know youre not doctors but nobody seems to listen to my symptoms. And I have told 3 doctors in the past year but none of them have decided on further testing. So what started off as the symptoms is that ill be doing a daily task and I feel sort of like im watching a movie. For example, texting on my phone and pressing the buttons feels like I know I'm moving my fingers but it doesnt feel like I am doing it. Idk if that makes sense cause nobody understand when I explain it. Its as if I'm controlling my body but I'm like not me. Okay so that started every now and then wasnt too often. It started ocurring more and more frequently with time. Anothee thing is I get these weird pains in my head so for example the area behind my eye I feel these sharp shooting pain that goes to the top of my head randomly at times. This happens all oved my head and different times. It's gotten again frequent with time. Also, sometimes I have light sensitivity very extreme. Its not accompanied with pain my eyes just get sensitive to the light.

So am is this psychological or physiological? Please I just want opinions no " go to the doctor" I already have even went to a neurosurgeon specialist and they have NEVER ordered an MRI. Thats why I am asking i am nervous one day im just going to collapse.