Ttc for 11 years. What could be going wrong?

Andrea • I`m still young & ttc my 1st child for 11 years.

How can I ttc my 1st child after trying for 11 years? I've been ttc twins. I received a colonoscopy last December for pre-cancer cells in my uterus. The doctor told me that I was all set to ttc. I've also tried taking bc incorrectly, 3 months ago and no longer using it.

All my friends have no problem ttc, because all of them got pregnant between the ages of 16-17, and still ongoing.

My partner has 3 kids with 2 different other women and we have been together on and off. He's in his mid 30s. And had a baby with his 1 of his baby mothers, 5 years ago.

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