Ideas to help with round ligament pain

Anissa • one gorgous doll baby in 2015 😍 one miscarriage at 7 weeks March 2018 😔TTC baby #2! 🌈
Anyone have any ideas on how to deal with the pain and discomfort of round ligament pain? I have been dealing with some strong discomfort since Christmas. I thought it was because of my long flights that I felt so uncomfortable. The pain was so bad I ended up going to the ER, because I wanted to be sure the baby was fine. After some tests, they said they could only think of my ligaments stretching and causing me this discomfort. We listened to the baby's heart beat, and baby is fine, but I'm so uncomfortable, that I'm in tears. I've tried Tylenol, and even an ice pack, but NOTHING is working. Any suggestions?