All this talk about bj's

Giving blow jobs seems to be a big topic here at glow. Everyone seems to be very interested in the subject of giving head, including myself? lol How do you guys feel about it while  your giving your bfriend or hubby a blow job, I mean what's going threw your head when your doing it? I mean when he's in your mouth? I actually really enjoy giving them. lol For 1 thing I know that he's loving it! And I just really like giving it. I love the way it feels in my mouth, and I know that if I do it a certain way for long I'm going to make him cum. I'm not really fond of the taste of cum, I kind of like the way precum tastes, kind of sweet, but the cum tastes not that great. I like the feeling that I'm making him feel really good, and that makes me continue to give him head when he tells me that he's going to cum. lol I don't know... It's like in 1 minute if I don't stop I'm going to end up with a mouthful, so at that moment it's up to me to stop or get one. Then I taste it all day long. I like doing it, doing it until he finishes in my mouth, and then because of the taste I wish that I didn't let him cum in my mouth??????