Can anyone relate?

Dylan • Trying to add a bundle of joy to our little family :)

I joined this app because I'm TTC my first born. I have loads of questions and things that I wonder if other women go through. I thought this app was going to make me more confident in my journey and feel comfortable with posting questions or topics I'm concerned with....

But It is the exact opposite.

I feel as if anything I post will immediately be attacked and I will only get negative input.

I am only 19 years old but my husband and I feel confident in ourselves to have a child. We both work full time and have been for a while. While he is relatively new to the grown up lifestyle (bills, car payment, all that) I am not. I have been emancipated since I was 16 and put myself through school while maintaining a stable job.

Basically the point of this post is:

Does anyone else feel like there are lady's on here just looking to argue or hurt people? Or am I just sensitive?