Is he controlling?

My bf doesn't like it when a guy friend of mine likes a sexy picture of mine. First of all, he kept an eye on this guy friend of mine on facebook because one time I commented that it sucks that he didn't tell me he was in town. In addition, he kept saying that he likes me because he only likes pics of me and not pics with him and me. He was going to tell me block him on fb which is nonsense so I didn't. I had to keep reinsure him that no one is going to take me away. You're the one. Plus this guy lives in another state. There is nothing happening between us and We haven't hangout since we graduated from college. So that's that. Another thing he does is tell me what I should workot or not. Before he was so against me getting toned and now  that I am toned, he loves it. Not that he loves my body any less before. Then there' s trimming my hair, my hair is long and I just want to trim my hairand he said no, don't i lobe your hair long. Blah blah blah.

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