New to Glow


I just wanted to introduce myself and share my story.

My name is Crystal and I am 34 soon to be 35 and I have a 2yr 9 month old little boy that I am trying to potty train :-(

I am married and it will be 4 years in Jan.... this is my second marriage. My first marriage I was with the guy for 11 years 9 married. We tried for years to have a baby and never could.... come to find it was him that was the problem. Me and my husband have been trying for about a year to have a second child with no luck :-( I have PCOS which is a constant struggle and I have a problem losing weight and always feeling depressed.

I am trying my hardest and want to have a another baby before I get to old where my age will affect the health of my baby.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated