Is he a cheat?

Ok so there's a lot of little things that have been adding up over the past few months. He doesn't like to be intimate, he constantly wants to either work or go out, now he's fucking off over 300 miles away for New Years without me. Well this is where it's pissed me off. He blocked me on Facebook so I added him on a fake account to see what he's getting up to and he has 4 girls constantly swarming around everything he puts on there. There's not 1 status, picture or link that they haven't comment on. It's always with at least 3 kisses on the end and flirty. Now this is what's got to me. He told me he was going on holiday to a certain place but then I've seen on his statuses that he's actually going roughly 40 miles away from the place he's told me? All of the girls live in the place 300 miles away but I can't understand why he's going to the other place when neither of us know anyone there.. Or at least that's what he's claimed. how am I meant to trust him when he's told me he's goin to one place where we both know the people and have friends there to some place I've never even heard of, 40miles away from there?? He's due to leave tomorrow and I don't know what's going on anymore. I only found out today.