possible postive pregnacey test after almost four months

Teri-lyn • 19 F Calgary ab mommy to a three year old minature pincher ttc baby #1 with my bf
So iam cycle day 24 iam 11 dpo i started testing for pregnacey at 9dpo . Iam pretty damn sure i can see aline in my pregnacey test i took tonight but its very faint hoping to god its a true positive and not a evap  i  have my old opk for a line guideance  and i took another opk to night as well my temptaure is 99.1 and my cervix is low closed but soft had a tiny bit of craming but only in the right front side 
 Please somone tell me my eyes are working iam so damn nervouse i want my BFP my period isnt due for a nother two or three days please help