Just wanted to let yall know

Stefanie • I`m 28 years old and happily married and have 4 children. 3 girls and a newborn boy!
Very nicely :) , that your period is directly associated with when you ovulated. When u do ovulate, u should start AF 14 days later. The leutial phase (ovulation-AF) should be the same in ever woman. If yours is shorter or longer, then u would need to see a dr with help on TTc. You can't base everything off of what glow says because it doesn't know your body directly. U can't wonder why your late with BFNs. If ur late and not getting positives, it's because your not pregnant yet because you ovulated a little bit later. For those that have missed complete cycles, and get BFNs, it's because you didn't ovulate at all. Your body will try and ovulate again. Until u actually ovulate, then ur AF will be due in 14 days. That's why it is so important to know the actual day u ovulated. U can't know how many dpo u are correctly, unless u take an opk or chart BBt or know what your CM is like during your fertile week. It's all a learning experience and I've learned a lot in the past 6 years. Thought I would share what I've learned. This post is not being rude in any way, don't take it that way. I'm just wanting to share some information. If u have any questions please let me know. Be nice. Baby dust to everyone who is TTC! ?