Long cycles!

Sharekia • Married 08/13/2015 TTC #1
Does anyone else have long cycles? I can't really calculate when I ovulate because my cycles are different this month's was 45 days and counting. My last AF was 11/13/2014, and didn't have before that only in August. I haven't gotten a full AF for this month only spotting but it's been 4 days now. I took 2 pregnancy test 1 last night and 1 this morning both BFN. How can I know when to test exactly? Been having pregnancy symptoms and I might be fertile now because I have egg white CM, but I'm spotting. I'm just confused. Could I be testing to early or should my fiancé and I just start fresh in Jan. according to Glow my AF shouldn't be here until 1/8/15. I'm so confused.