Turner Syndrome

I just got my MT21 results back, and our baby girl has an increased risk for Turner Syndrome.
The genetic counselor says that the blood test is about 95% accurate but "anecdotally"  lower - maybe 85%.  I guess my first question is whether or not to have further (invasive) testing.  I generally believe that knowledge is power, and I want to know for sure what we're up against.  On the other hand, I don't want to subject my baby to any further risk.
From what I can tell, the outcomes after birth are often very treatable.  But babies with TS usually don't make it to term or are stillborn.  I'm told the odds are better in my case because I've made it past 13 weeks and my NT scan was normal, but I don't know what "better" means.  
Does anyone here have personal experience with Turner Syndrome?