Okay ladies so here I go. I am concerned that I have pcos & before I go see a doctor I would like to get your guys Input. Here Is my story. All my life I have had irregular periods. Sometimes I'd luck up and have a few regular cycles then others. Would be 35 days apart.. Sometimes even 50 something days apart! I recently got married and despite never weighing over 114 pounds in my entire life I am now at 140 pounds and will have been married a total of a year in February. All my life I have sufferd from acne mainly in middle school, it has drastically decreased and now I only have occasional small breakouts with some acne scaring. I have taken OPKs for around 3 cycles and the first cycle I received 2 positive opks. The second cycle I recieve da few random positives or "almost" positives. Can anyone help me or give me advice. ? Does it sound like I have pcos??