Abnormal pap!

↞ηιcσℓε♡↠ • 15 very long years of ttc! Not giving up though!!
I have a question. I've gotten an abnormal pap in the past, but I just got a call today saying I had an abnormal pap. I won't get to see a doctor we'll into next month because my doctors office is having a 2 day close due to New Years so idk exactly what is wrong except that it's just abnormal. My question is should I still go on ttc? I've been ttc for 7 years and I just started my period today. Idk if I should stop and get through my pap stuff or still try. I really don't want to stop but if it would cause more problems or be unhealthy I will wait. I'm really sad, especially cuz I got what I and a few others on here thought was a faint line at 9dpo and that was it didn't have another faint or def line on any other test, then I start my period and then I get a call telling me I had an abnormal pap. I feel like gods against me =[ I really just want to give up completely because it's always something!!