Initiating Intimacy with my Husband

Okay, ladies. This may sound weird to a lot of you. Many of you may think, "You're married. What do you mean you find it hard to initiate sex?" 
For those who were raised to be modest, to not dress, act, or speak provotively because you would attract the wrong kid of attention, how do you change that state of mind when you are married? 
Now, I was no virgin on my wedding day, but I have never been the one to initiate. I have never made the first move until my husband. I have sent him flirty texts at work and planned to meet in bed upon his arrival home. I've put on sexy lingerie and layed down next to him and waited for him to come and get it. My husband is asking me to jump his bones out of the blue and make love to him. He's asked several times, and the thought of making the first move makes me nervous as all heck, but I do understand that he wants to feel "wanted" too. 
What are some ways you ladies get things started in the bedroom? No answer is TMI for me. I'm desperate to  make him happy in this way.
Thank you in advance!