RANT!! Impossible to find a Dr who cares

Luna • Baby Elle arrived 9/16/15 😍
I'll be the first to say I am so thankful for doctors and medical professionals daily..... However..... I am so annoyed with my dr experiences in NYC. Maybe it's because there are soooo many people here and Drs bandwidths are so stretched. 
I've been dealing with progesterone issues and have had to get multiple bloodtests done. Last time I ended up going to the ER because I couldn't get a hold of my Dr and instead talked to some random on call nurse who told me "ur pregnancy can go either way"..... Well I left that Dr and found a new one. Went to her for bloodwork last Fri and low and behold it's now Wednesday and I still can't get a hold of her to get my results!!!!!!!! I've called 8+ x. I just spoke to a nurse who said "congratulations you are pregnant" and I was like come on??? I know I'm pregnant!!! 
This is so frustrating 😔😔😔