Jaimee • :)

Uuuuuuuuuuuuggghhhhhhh! That's I'll I have to say!! Have only been TTC for 2 months now after coming off of depo.. I know its silly of me to think I could get pregnant so soon. Buuuuut... Its like all I think about is baby, baby, baby, baby!!! Any little sign or symptom has me hopefully and wishing and it's always a negative result. I can't hardly imagine how frustrating its is for those of you have who have been trying for months and years!! My husband says it'll happen when it happens and just to enjoy the now and all we can do is keep trying and prepare, but its hard when its all I can think about. Its all I hope, dream, and pray for. I feel like im constantly worrying about my fertility and if I'm taking the right vitamins and making sure I'm doing everything right on my end. I give props, prayers, and baby dust to all of you who've been patient and trying for so long. :)

Thanks and sorry just had to vent a little!