Would love other opinions because I'm at a lose

Long story short. My husband was married before me and had 2 amazing boys (8 yrs and 11 years old). I've been "mom" since they were very small. Their biological mother is a drug addict and been in and out of their lives since the youngest was 2. She was in jail again and didn't see the boys for a year. She just came back into their lives last June. She only has them 5 hours at a time, 2 days a week. She recently comes up with excuses on why she can't take the boys on her day (recent was last Sunday because she had a headache). We are 99.9% sure she's using again and when asked to do a drug test she gets someone else's pee and hides it when she goes to the clinic so it isn't a "dirty" test. She refuses to take a blood or hair follicle test (because she can't hide her drug use). So my question...do we keep making up excuses on why she flakes on the boys or tell the boys what's going on? They know their mom HAD a drug problem in the past and that she's been in and out of jail. Please help!!!

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