No sex drive!

Crista • Nurse <3 Happily Taken <3 Dog Lover
I am 29 years old, I am currently in nursing school and working 20 hours. My SO of 4 years has been getting sexually frustrated with me. I love him very much and enjoy us talking, kissing and cuddling but When it comes down to sex I just dont have any desire for it. I am not taking birth control and use the <a href="">glow app</a>. For the past year and half there has been no initimacy between us other than for special occasions (his birthday, our anniversary) and I try to satisfy him in other ways, I just want us to be initmate again. I have gained 15 lbs while in the nursing program and thought maybe my self esteem was the corporate for lack of intimacy but my SO always compliments me and makes me feel beautiful. I know I am going through a lot of stress with school but I really want to satisy my SO and would like to kmow what you all did to turn up the heat in your relationship! Btw ive changed my eating habits and im starting to introduce working out into my busy routine. Hopefully that will increase my sex drive and I dont want to take any meds to increase libido.