Not "trying" this month πŸ˜”

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My DH is so stressed out & upset. Long story short, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2009. In June of 2014 he was considered a survivor. He's in the Navy. In 2009 they put him on a temp medical retirement status that ended on Dec 31, 2014. Because someone somewhere didn't have their s!$@ together, jab 1, 2015 his pay & benefits stopped.Β 
So we are both working 7 days a week (each took on two jobs) and waiting for the Navy to reinstate his pay, health benefits and give him orders.Β 
The stress and over-working is getting to us both. We're going to hold off on keeping track of opk and such. It's one less thing to worry about right now ....
We need lots of prayers πŸ™