People bashing teens

I want to have a baby now because tomorrow isn't promised and you never know what the future's my life, my body and my child.. if it makes me happy idc who it upsets honestly.. i know babies are expensive i know it's going to be hard i know but i won't know how to deal with it until I'm actually going threw it right? my life is boring i don't do teenage stuff so i feel like having a baby could make my life better. i would finally have a future to look forward too. babies are a blessing and I'm willing to have my life change for the better for my little one.. My cousin got pregnant at 17 and he will be 3 this summer.. I look at her situation and what she's going throw and I don't want to be like that he is my godson and I want to be there for him but he's not my son and I look at other people's situation and I just learn from them it makes me want to be a better mother to my kids.. I love my son/daughter and they don't even exist yet