Super annoyed !!!!! 😡😡😡

Deb • Mommy to be 7|28|15
Correct me if I'm wrong; I understand that there is the "risky times" in pregnancy but does it still count when your in your second trimester & about to be 15 weeks. 
I decided to get some onesies & socks just to start having them and being prepared yes I know I'm not due until July but why does people have to be so negative and start saying it's bad luck. 
Maybe if I was 7 weeks it would be a tad bit different but I feel like knowing that I'm about to be 15 weeks and I feel comfortable buying stuff here and there. I should be fine. 
I know for a fact I won't buy the nursery things until I'm 8 months or so but even with that if I feel like it's okay and I have a healthy baby in the process & I'm having a healthy pregnancy why people have to throw that "bad luck" negative vibe towards me. 
Am I overthinking things? 
Does anyone else feel this way? 
Why can't we just enjoy our pregnancy the way we want without negative feed back?