I am so sad :( i feel fat and ugly!! 29 weeks pregnant

Oh ladies!!!   I am feeling so so sad tonight, i know pregnancy should be something to enjoy and be proud of, i am, but today i just feel like i lost my myself, i lost my body and my confidence :(   I went out with my partner and his brother... To the beach and there comes this beautiful blond skinny girl that was modeling in her
Amazing bikiny and amazing body, and of course the guys saw her and stared at her... I did too, she looked gorgeous...  But than i realised that "hey, what about me? What happened to me!? " i felt disgusted as i looked down to my body :(   My partner tried to make me feel better saying that " oh i dont need that blond chik, i have somthing better next to me"    Yeah yeah  .... Like i could believe that!!!   How do i stop crying about this? I hate myself for thinking like this, but i cant help it, i was jelous, and for nothing... I know that!!!   My heart feels so sad :((